A Perfect Guidebook for Your Cambodia Temple Tour

Cambodia is known as the kingdom of Buddhism thanks to its grandiose and magnificent temples. The following guidebook will provide all the information that you need for a perfect Cambodia temple tour.

1.    The best vehicles to have a temple tour

A bicycle, a tuk-tuk, or a motorcycle taxi are the most appropriate means of transportation for your temple tour in Cambodia. If you have an excellent sensation in direction, a bike will be perfect. On the contrary, a tuk-tuk or motorcycle taxi is more convenient. You will understand the history of the temples better when listening to stories from the drivers. But you should always arrange over the price first.

2.    Dress-code is important

Temples and the Royal Palace are sacred destinations in Cambodia. Hence, it is recommended to dress discreetly and neatly. Tight skirts and shorts are regarded unsuitable. If you violate this rule, the monks may not allow you to come inside the temples.

3.    When should the tour start?

Your Cambodia temple tour ought to begin in the early morning. It is the best time to contemplate the beauty of the temples. They look not only charming but also mysterious and fanciful.

4.    Which temple should you visit?

–    Wat Phnom Temple


Wat Phnom Temple (Source: Google)

This is the most sacred and important temple of the citizens in Phnom Penh City. It was built in the 1370s by a Daun Penh, a privileged widow. After the flood swept through the city in 1372, she found a trunk and fished it out of the river. Surprisingly, there were 4 statues of Buddha inside of it.

Believing that this was a good omen, Ms. Penh created an artificial hill, established a small temple, and called it Wat Phnom. “Wat” was “temple” and “Phnom” was “hill.” Her story traveled fast and Wat Phnom quickly became famous.

When visiting it, you will see numerous statues of Naga along the stairs. It is a seven-headed God of Snakes, which is a blessed object in Cambodia. There are many other captivating places in the temple that you may want to discover, such as the shrine where King Ponhea Yat’s remains are preserved or the spot where Ms. Penh’s statue is displayed.

–    Wat Preah Keo Morakot Temple


Wat Preah Keo Morakot Temple (Source: Google)

Wat Preah Keo Morakot Temple is also called the Silver Pagoda by international tourists. It is a pride and a symbol of Phnom Penh City together with the Royal Palace. Also, the temple is an inevitable place of pilgrimage of worldwide Buddhists. This is why travelers who take a Cambodia temple tour should never miss it.

The most prominent point of the temple is the statue of Buddha made from emerald. Furthermore, there are a great number of valuable objects made from jewels, gold, and silver being preserved in Wat Preah Keo Morakot Temple.

All of them are the offerings from Cambodian kings, queens, and the royal members in the old times. They send their wishes about a peaceful, prosperous, and triumphant country to the Buddha along with those gifts.

–    Wat Ounalom Temple


Wat Ounalom Temple (Source: Google)

This temple is located near the Cambodian Royal Palace. It is considered one of the imperative religious sites and the Buddhist center in Cambodia. The history of this temple is probably the most fascinating piece of knowledge that tourists can gain after the trip.

Many travelers come to the temple because of the significant number of rare books and documents about Buddhism. Some others are curious about the precious relics, one of which is the Buddha’s Eyebrow Hair. The rest expects to contemplate the architecture of the temple.

Wat Ounalom has typical traits of Cambodian building style on the outside with a unique combination of yellow and red. The grass and green trees contribute a huge part to the impressive but tranquil beauty of the temple. Everything is well-harmonized in the traditional atmosphere of the Khmer culture.

–    Wat Sampov Pram Temple


Wat Sampov Pram Temple (Source: Google)

Situated on the Bokor Plateau, Wat Sampov Pram Temple has always been an exciting destination in a Cambodia temple tour. Although it does look as spectacular as other temples, Wat Sampov Pram has an exclusive architecture that any tourist will get fascinated.

Moreover, there are numerous attractive stories of wonder about it. The most popular one is the legend about Prince Preah Thong, who left his country and traveled all over the world. He fell in love with the daughter of the Dragon King and set up a kingdom on the area of the Wat Sampov Pram Temple today.

You can find five boat-shaped rocks around the temple, which explains its name. ”Wat Sampov Pram” means “5 boats.” They are said to be the gifts that the Dragon King used to give the prince before he started building his own country.

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