Central Vietnam – What You Need to Know When Travel Vietnam

Central Vietnam is an exceptional region where numerous tourist sites are situated. For visitors who travel Vietnam and Cambodia, there are several pieces of guidance should be noted down before you hit the road.

1.    The best time to visit Central Vietnam

Central Vietnam is located in the zone of tropical monsoon climate. Therefore, the average temperature there is high and hardly altered. The highest temperature falls between 30 to 33 Celsius degrees and from May to August. However, the typical weather is still tremendously affected by the climate of Southern Vietnam.

Hence, the dry season in Central Vietnam is normally from January to August. And the wet season begins in October and ends in December every year. The rainfall is extreme and there are storms sometimes. This is why you should choose the right time for your trip if you do not want to stay in a hotel all day.

April, May, June, July, and August are the most reasonable months for Central Vietnam travels. The weather at these times is quite comfortable. It is sunny but not intensely dry. Also, the temperature is only around 28 to 32 Celsius degrees.

2.    How to get there?

Your means of transportation when you travel Vietnam and Cambodia massively depends on the city you choose to visit. But in general, there are four methods as well as vehicles that you can use to make a trip to Central Vietnam.

For those who travel to this region from other countries

–    By air:

If you visit Cambodia ahead of Vietnam, the most convenient way is by air. It takes about 128 to 171 US dollars for a ticket. Furthermore, you can get a lower price when you take Vietnam Airlines’s or Vietjet Air’s flights.

For domestic travels

–    By motor coach

Hung Thanh, Queen Café Bus, and Camel Travel Bus are some reliable motor coach brands that you ought to utilize. They have air-conditioned and well-serviced coaches. Furthermore, these vehicles take little time on the road because they do not stop to take passengers. So you can get to your destination in a short time. The ticket price is relatively low as well, which is about 14 US dollars.

–    By train


Thong Nhat Railway (Source: Google)

Thong Nhat Railway is the most common brand for you to take under consideration. You can buy train tickets online or at the station. It is quite a long way to travel from Northern or Southern Vietnam to Central Vietnam. In fact, it may take 10 to 12 hours if you start your trip from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City.

Thus, one recommendation for you is to pick out a sleeper train because you may have to stay there overnight. It takes about 14 US dollars per person.

–    By motorcycle

This vehicle is mainly for backpackers and whoever can drive a motorcycle for long hours. It is difficult to rent one in this case because you will not want to drive all the long way back to return the motorcycle. So you need to have it of your own in case you want to travel by your private vehicle.

3.    Where to visit?

  • Da Nang City


Da Nang City (Source: Google)

Da Nang is always a fantastic spot when you travel Vietnam and Cambodia. The city has a long coastline, a great number of gorgeous beaches, and many tourist sites. The most prominent ones are My Khe Beach, Thanh Binh Beach, Ba Na Hills, and Son Tra Peninsula.

Moreover, it is recommended for you to visit the bridges because they are one of the impressive points of the city. The Dragon Bridge, the Golden Bridge, or the Love Lock Bridge are all wonderful.

  • Hue City


Hue City (Source: Google)

Unlike Da Nang, Hue carries the poetic beauty of a historical city. For those who look for some peacefulness and need to escape from urban cities, Hue is an ideal destination. You can spend time going sightseeing in the Imperial City and taking pictures of ancient works of art there.

In case you would like to discover the local culture, booking a boat trip on the Huong River and enjoying singing performances will be some extraordinary ideas.

  • Dalat City


Dalat City (Source: Google)

Located on Lam Dong Plateau, Dalat has a mild climate. Therefore, it is perfect for summer vacations. For your information, the city is a romantic paradise for couples.

There is a great number of destinations that you can come and take a look at, such as Xuan Huong Lake, Doha Café, the Valley of Love, and Datanla Waterfall. Especially, the Valley of Love is a typical place due to the fanciful activities and romantic landscapes.

The temperature there is lower than in other cities, which is always from 20 to 23 Celsius degrees. As a result, you should prepare some autumn clothing if Dalat is a destination in your trip.

  • Quang Binh Province


Quang Binh Province (Source: Google)

There are many reasons why you should not miss Quang Binh when you travel Vietnam and Cambodia. One of them is the splendid natural landscape, particularly the grottoes. Some that you may have heard are Phong Nha – Ke Bang Cave, Thien Duong Cave, and Son Doong Cave. They have earned a number of world records.

Another reason is the local citizens. They can be regarded as the friendliest and most hospitable people in the world. Perhaps, being used to overcoming difficult living as well as weather conditions, they have trained themselves to be optimistic and open-minded all the time.

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