Detailed Three-Day-Two-Night Itinerary from Saigon to Phnom Penh

A demand for a good Vietnam-Cambodia tour package has been slightly increasing for travelers aiming at trotting around Southeast Asia at once. Apart from available packages widely offered both online and offline, you can freely design one for yourself. Here is how you get it started!

Sort our your three-day-two-night excursion

Day 1: Departing from Saigon, you can choose to catch a bus or car heading to Phnom Penh from Phạm Ngũ Lão street. This is a backpacking area packed with various selections up to your budget. The trip takes around 6 to 7 hours. Hence, make a smart choice that fits your own schedule. We highly recommend you to start in the afternoon or at least night time so you will make it to Cambodia the next morning.


Various vehicle options can be found (Source: Google)

Day 2: Your first morning in Phnom Penh is perfect for a bike tour or walking tour visiting landmarks within the city center radiant. Those sites are located not far off from one another, so a tuk-tuk is your finest option if you are traveling with a group of friends or family. One thing you should bear in mind, there are very few options for taxi in Cambodia.

Wat Phnom: The venue tells you about the history of the city as well as how the name “Phnom Penh” was derived. Two hours are good for a thorough trip around this temple.


Wat Phnom (Source: Google)

Center Market, simply known as “New Market”, is not only a commercial center where you possibly spot out various stuff such as jewelry, electronic devices, fashion items, souvenirs, food, but also Western-influenced architecture. Once again, two hours are the best duration for your exploration here.


Center Market (Source: Google)

Royal Palace – Silver Temple: The complex can be seen as the most sought-after site in the city. Pay a visit to the site and learn about the royal family as well as contemplate the reputed massive Silver Temple casted with over 2,000 diamonds and a precious gem–studded Buddha statue.


Royal Palace (Source: Google)

The National Museum of Cambodia: Pick this to end your trip of the day. You can choose to spend up to two hours at the Royal Palace first and another 1.5 hours walking around the National Museum, which is home to valuable ancient relics relating to the heyday of the Khmer Empire.


Cambodia National Museum (Source: Google)

Before darkness takes over Phnom Penh, set aside time for a relaxation while laying back, walking around or taking photos of a huge flock of doves right in front of the Royal Palace front campus. This is one of the most stunning destinations across the city. When night falls, what you can choose to do is to have a long walk along Sisowath Quay, challenge yourself with grilled insects. Afterward, discover the night market with a few steps further.


A corner of Sisowath Quay (Source: Google)

Day 3: If you are not keen on taking a Vietnam-Cambodia tour package, feel free to rent a scooter to visit the infamous Killing Fields which sits roughly 15 kilometers away from Phnom Penh Downtown.

The Killing Fields is where you should drop by when reaching Toul Sleng. This can be the best focal point of your trip to Cambodia. The Killing Fields marks the event of the cruel Khmer Rouge regime executing more than 20,000 citizens and buried them all in a huge mass grave.


The Killing Field (Source: Google)

At the end of the day, head back to the city center for a short visit at Russian Market, have a serene moment with a glass of iced coffee in a bistro known as “The best iced coffee in Phnom Penh”. Later on, return your rental bike, revisit Saigon or move on with your own schedule.


Inside Russian Market (Source: Google)

A few alerts before entering Phnom Penh

Dress smartly and do not forget to cover your shoulder or knees whenever stepping into a holy shrine or any famous tourist attractions due to the fact that Cambodia is a Buddhism-oriented nation.

If you are an ASEAN citizen, your arrival into Cambodia is free of charge due to the announced “visa exemption” policy applied amongst Southeast Asian countries. In case you are not a part of the organization, specific visa fee would be applied. Hence, do not forget to sort this out in Vietnam through an agency before crossing the Cambodia-Vietnam border.

In Phnom Penh, riel (Cambodia currency) and US Dollar are two most popular and accepted currencies. Other than that, the Center Market and Russian Market are where you can use your VND.


50 Riels (Source: Google)

When shopping in the Russian Market and Center Market, price down the given charge by 30% to meet the best cost you feel good to pay.

You can take the suggested itinerary above for a hassle-free exploration of Phnom Penh. Apart from this, you can ask for a trusted Vietnam-Cambodia tour package with a departure point from Saigon or Hanoi as the most convenient options. In this scenario, you have zero worries about what to do or how to move between places as there would be a local guide sorting out everything.

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