Vietnam to Cambodia – Plan a Memorable Four-Week Trip with Your Family

Trotting the two Indochina countries has never been easier. This post provides you a proper ready-made four-week itinerary for your family holidays to Vietnam and Cambodia.

Week 1: Hanoi – Halong – Ninh Bình – Danang – Hoian – Huế

Your very first week takes over nearly half of Vietnam with a departure in Hanoi, Vietnam’s Northern capital. As Cambodia is located next to the Mekong Delta, a wetland in Southern Vietnam, starting from Hanoi seems to be a better idea. I am sure you do not want to take all the way around from the South to the North and reverse your flight back to Cambodia.

After arriving in Hanoi, save the first day to visit its popular landmarks such as the Temple of Literature and Museum of Ethnology. You may feel like joining in a Hanoi street food tour when night falls. The very next two days are ideal to wander around Halong Bay while spending a night on a luxury boat in the middle of the Bay and transferring back to the capital.


Temple of Literature (Source: Google)

Ninh Bình would be the next stop after Halong. Vietnam’s first imperial capital welcomes you with its breathtaking landscapes and majestic constructions such as Bái Đính Pagoda, Tràng An, and Vân Long Lagoon.


Halong Bay (Source: Google)

On the last three days, fly over to three most famous cities in Vietnam. First off, sign in a sightseeing tour around Danang, the City of the bridges, featuring some of its most famous landmarks such as Marble Mountain, Mỹ Khê Beach, Champa Museum Sculpture and Sơn Trà Peninsula. Do not forget to catch the lively nightlife of Danang on the massive Sun Wheel, one of the ten tallest wheels worldwide. Afterward, you may like to end up in Hoian Old Quarter and tour around Huế, Vietnam’s last imperial capital with its solemn system of royal mausoleums, Buddhist temples, and long-founded educational buildings. Return to Danang for a next flight to the Southern Central segment.


Sun Wheel Danang (Source: Google)


Tomb of Khải Định (Source: Google)


Hoian Old Quarter (Source: Google)

Week 2: Nha Trang – Dalat

Your first week is likely to be filled with a lot of transferring and movement across various cities. This second week is reserved for better relaxation in Nha Trang – one of the most beautiful coastal cities, and its hilly neighbor – Dalat.


A scene from Vĩnh Hy Bay (Source: Google)

In Nha Trang, apart from staying onshore, you can choose to take part in its waterway sightseeing tour around different stunning islands. Nha Phu Bay, along with Vĩnh Hy Bay are two of the most brilliant bays in Khánh Hoà Province. One the way to Nha Phu Bay, Suối Hoa Lan Tourist Village is where you may like to pass through for observation of African ostriches, herds and a wide variety of circus performances.


Mud bathing (Source: Google)

In terms of which beaches are the best to be found, they can be listed as Dốc Lết or An Bình. Nha Trang is excited to introduce you to its interesting outdoor and indoor activities such as mud bathing, visiting Po Nagar Cham Tower, scuba diving. Above all, Vinpearl Nha Trang recreation complex seems to be much fancied by a lot of families.

Within the last two days, set aside some time to visit Dalat, which is widely known as the little Paris of Indochina or the City of love. Dalat is a kingdom of adventurous tours such as canyoning, trekking, and hiking. Apart from that, do not forget to taste its innovative grilled rice paper or Vietnamese pizza. Dalat night market is where you can find lots of souvenirs and fruits.


Vietnamese pizza (Source: Google)

Week 3: Saigon – An Giang – Kiên Giang – Phú Quốc Islands

This is your final week in Vietnam, which is completed by an excursion around Saigon, two Mekong Delta provinces, and Phú Quốc Islands. From there, you can totally depart to Cambodia without having to move back to Hồ Chí Minh City.


Food tour in Saigon (Source: Google)

After arriving in Saigon, spend the first night wandering around this Southern metropolis. A night food tour after the Sun is gone is pretty favored by travelers of all types. In An Giang, one of the most typical Mekong Delta topographies is Trà Sư Cajuput Forest. In addition, do not forget to pay a short visit to the complex of Tây An Ancient Pagoda, the Tomb of Thoại Ngọc Hầu and the holy shrine of the native guardian Goddess. Roughly one to two days is the most suitable duration of time to stay over in An Giang.


Trà Sư Cajuput Forest (Source: Google)

Later on, move further to Kiên Giang. Phú Quốc Islands is the most popular gem in this province. You can choose to spend the rest of your time in the Mekong Delta on Phú Quốc Islands participating in a wide range of sightseeing tours and experiences such as a visit to pepper plantations and fish sauce factories, sunbathing, and sampling the real tasty seafood at Phú Quốc Night Market.


Inside a pepper plantation (Source: Google)

Right from Kiên Giang, book a bus ticket to Cambodia. This is inclusive for an arranged legal entrance into Cambodia when your tickets are fully purchased. However, do not forget to apply for a visa of your family holidays to Vietnam and Cambodia before your flight lands in Vietnam.

Week 4: Bokor Plateau – Sihanouk Ville – Kohrong – Phnom Penh – Saigon

Now, feel free to spend the last week of your whole journey to explore four phenomenal sites of Cambodia. Let’s start with Bokor Plateau first, a long-abandoned French-like area with a mystic scenery. From there, you can toss your view towards Thailand Bay and Phú Quốc Islands.

bokor mountain

Bokor Mountain (Source: Google)

On the second day, get your morning started by discovering some of the remnants left by the French during the invasion period and head straight to Sihanouk Ville on the same day. Over here, go with the flow to stay over at Koh Rong Saloem, one of the most pristine beaches in Southeast Asia. You may feel like extending your stay on the island to at least two nights.


Koh Rong Saloem (Source: Google)

During the next three days, set aside time for Phnom Penh Capital. Shopping seems to be good at the time. Why not make it at Campot Market and get some fortune slots at Casino Nagar World 5 and explore Phnom Penh nightlife afterward.

End your family holidays to Vietnam and Cambodia right there. You can choose to return to Saigon, and do not forget to get your permission back to Vietnam with a round-trip visa.

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