Quintessential Destinations For Families When Doing Laos Tours

Laos is always known as one of the most peaceful countries in Southeast Asia. Nothing can be better than taking Laos tours with your family to the following destinations.

1.    The Buddha Park


The Buddha Park (Source: Google)

The Buddha Park, which is also called Xieng Khuan in Laotian, is a famous garden of sculptures. There are over 200 statues of the Buddha and Hindu Deities there. They are shaped by cement and have different forms.

The most prominent one is the giant pumpkin tower in the middle of the garden. The gate on the entrance to the interior of the tower is designed as a mouth of a devil. Therefore, the tower is often called “the cave of hell” as well. After visiting it, you and your family can go around and take pictures with the Buddha sculptures. Your children will have a chance to learn about religions and Asian spiritual Gods.

2.    Sayaboury Elephant Sanctuary


Sayaboury Elephant Sanctuary (Source: Google)

A place that families taking Laos tours cannot miss is the Sayaboury Elephant Sanctuary. It will be a paradise for kids and elephant-lovers. The reason is that this sanctuary is established to save this type of animal in Asia in general and in Laos in particular instead being an ordinary leisure park.

You can play with the elephants, work on veterinary care if you can, or just simply feed them. It will be best when you can stay there more than a day. Not only can your children study about an endangered species but you will also be able to contemplate the beauty of the natural environment where the elephants live.

3.    The Blue Lagoon


The Blue Lagoon (Source: Google)

This bluish lagoon is located about 7 kilometers from Vang Vieng Town. Hence, you and your family can easily get there by renting a tuk-tuk or riding a bike. The Blue Lagoon is, in fact, a scenic complex of natural ponds and lagoons. Especially, the water is very blue, making the entire site look like a paradise.

You will love swimming under the little multi-leveled waterfall surrounded by jungles. There are many adventure games that your children can try, such as zip-lining or rock-sliding. While watching them, parents can have some moments of relaxation on the swings in the middle of the waterfall.

4.    Kuang Si Falls


Kuang Si Falls (Source: Google)

Located about 30 kilometers far from Luang Prabang City, Kuang Si Falls is a well-known destination in Laos tours. It is situated within the area of a nature reserve and surrounded by mountains and forests. Unlike the Blue Lagoon, the water of Kuang Si Falls is has a light emerald tone. But it still looks completely captivating.

Standing on the bridge crossing the waterfall, you can even see a large number of fishes swimming under the water. One of the spots that both kids and adults are fond of is the garden of butterflies. Not only can you observe thousands of butterflies but you will also have an opportunity to enjoy a massage service for free.

5.    Wat Xieng Thong Temple


Wat Xieng Thong Temple (Source: Google)

It is relatively unusual to bring your family to a temple during a vacation. However, Wat Xieng Thong, the “temple of the golden city”, is the most important spiritual journey end in Luang Prabang City. It has a typical Laotian architecture, including doubly curved roofs close to the ground, golden decorations, and extraordinary mural paintings.

The temple is also the place where the famous Reclining Buddha Statue is displayed. It used to be preserved in a museum in Paris and was brought back to Wat Xieng Thong in 1964. Due to the significance of the temple in Laotian culture, it will be regretful if you cannot take your family there.

6.    Vang Vieng Town


Vang Vieng Town (Source: Google)

This tiny town is located in the middle of the forests which is about 150 kilometers far from Vientiane City. Although there are no overwhelming architectural constructions or luxurious resorts, Vang Vieng attracts a massive number of tourists every year.

Perhaps, the reason is the peacefulness and romantic landscapes there. The beauty of the town lies in the trees, the mountains, and the river curving around the town. You can enjoy the fresh air while sitting in the tents by the river or go kayaking with your children for fun. For families coming from cities and yearning for tranquility, Vang Vieng will be a perfect option.

7.    The Living Land Company


The Living Land Company (Source: Google)

If you want to combine Laos tours with picnics, the Living Land Company is an ideal place. Spending a day on this farm, you will discover how rice is made and how to plant the seedlings as well as harvest the crops. The Living Land Company will turn you to a real farmer only a few hours after you visit it.

You should not worry if you never work in the field before. The instructors of the farm are very friendly and patient. They will show you everything in detailed. In case you do not want to get dirty and would like to have your kids participate in the whole process, there are small watch-towers for you. You can sit there and try a cup of rice wine made by the farmers of the Living Land Company.

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