Three Splendid North Vietnam travel destinations to Contemplate Rice Terraces

Are you feeling suffocated and exhausted with the life full of noise and dust of the city? Wanting to leave your busy and crazy life behind and find a peaceful sanctuary of your own for a few days? If your answer is “yes” (desperately), don’t hesitate to pack up and head straight to these 3 gorgeous North Vietnam travel destinations to enjoy the peaceful yet stunning views of rice terraces in order to find peace within yourself.

1. Discovering Y Ty (Sa Pa) – the land of the clouds


Y Ty rice terraces (Source: Google)

Located west of Bat Xat District (Lao Cai Province) and is about 100km from Lao Cai city, Y Ty is not only known for its towering mountains, the unique “trinh tuong” houses or “the land of the clouds”, but it’s also recognized as one of the perfect places for enjoying the majestic beauty of rice terrace fields by many travellers.

The 70km –journey to Y Ty awaits drivers with sinuous bends and twisty mountain roads, which promises to bring the most exciting and breathtaking experience. Y Ty is a valley located at an altitude of over 2,000m, its back leaning on the mountain Nhu Cu San covered with clouds all year round. Following the winding trails to the top of Nhu Cu San, you will feel like “running straight to the sky” and then sinking in the land of fog and clouds. Suddenly in the blink of an eye, Y Ty appears with the breathtaking and poetic landscapes of golden rice terraces.

The best time for visiting Y Ty is between August and September when the rice terraces are growing at its fullest. During that time, many rice fields have started to change colors from green to yellow straw and in no time the valley will put on itself a blanket of the stunning golden color. The delicate green alternates the radiant yellow to create a harmony of colors, making the rice terraces become prominent in the huge immensity of the north-west forest. This first North Vietnam travel destination is going to blow your mind with its striking rice terraces and promises to give you the most memorable trip you’ve ever had.

2. Daydream in Moc Chau (Son La) – A heaven on Earth


Moc Chau golden rice terraces (Source: Google)

The second North Vietnam travel destination for adoring the beauty of rice terraces is Moc Chau Plateau (Son La Province). Located 200km west of Hanoi, Moc Chau (Son La) – the most dreamlike and alive plateau of the Northern mountainous region – welcomes travelers with fresh and pure mountain air, along with magnificent views of mountains, lakes and golden rice terrace fields, as well as spectacular scenery under the sunset.

Moreover, you will be strongly enticed by the diversity of Moc Chau’s nature, from the mysterious deep purple of plum flowers to the vibrant green of endless tea fields and you hardly find yourself looking at the same scenery over and over again. October comes along with the harvest season of rice fields and is considered an ideal time for sinking into the poetic and harmonious beauty of Moc Chau.

Watching from far above, at the foot of the hills comes into view the landscape drowning in the bright golden colors of rice terraces. The rice crops are planted on the long winding fields and then pilling step by step like a ladder leading straight to heaven. The rice terraces are now changed its new appearance with a sparkling yellow under the gentle sun of early winder days. Moreover, in the shade of gold materializes the small villages and plain cottages hiding in the afternoon smoke, creating a lively natural painting which could easily enchant any explorers.

3. Falling in love with Mai Chau (Hoa Binh) – the cradle of ethnic culturethe-endless-green-fields-of-Mai-Chau

The endless green fields of Mai Chau (Source: Google)

Located 140km southwest of Hanoi toward the direction of Hoa Binh City, this third North Vietnam travel stop amazes not only local people but tourists with its peaceful and gentle beauty of the rice terrace fields like a part of heaven has fallen on Earth. Shaking off the noise and busy life of the city, travelers paying a visit to this unique piece of land are going to be enticed by the local specialties and the exquisite beauty of nature that rarely can one find in any other places.

Travelling to the beautiful Mai Chau valley between May to June, you will find yourself getting lost in a paradise of golden rice fields covered every corner in the villages of Mai Chau people.Besides, at this time Mai Chau is stepping into the rice season and throughout the valley is wrapped in a dazzling yellow silk, along with the image of Thai people in their colorful traditional attire are harvesting rice diligently.

Coming to Mai Chau valley, you have not only chances to adore the gorgeous beauty of the rice terraces, the delicious smell of new rice, but also experience the unique culture of Thai people as well as satisfy yourself with Mai Chau food specialties.

The top 3 fascinating North Vietnam travel destinations listed above should be included in your must-go list in order to fully enjoy the majestic yet not any less poetic beauty of the rice terraces of Vietnam.

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