Top 5 Best Beach Destinations in Cambodia for Your Vacation

Angkor Wat is not the only popular tourist site in Cambodia. International travelers are becoming fond of the islands and undamaged beaches in this country. The following are some of  the best beach destinations in Cambodia that all tourists should visit at least once in their lifetime.

1.    Sihanoukville City


Serendipity Beach (Source: Google)

Sihanoukville is a famous coastal city in Cambodia. It is regarded as a paradise on Earth because you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to have a high-grade vacation. One of the most beautiful beaches there is Serendipity. This is the only place where you can find bungalows and hotels located precisely on the beach and the hillside.

Serendipity is charming due to its poetic beauty and daily eventful atmosphere. There are also numerous types of service, such as restaurants, pubs, and a golf course, around the beach. They attract a great number of tourists every year, especially the popular and single ones.

To get to the beach from the center of Sihanoukville City, you need to follow Ekareach Street and go over a hill behind two golden lions. Bars and pubs are often opened in the evening so you can spend time partying there after sea-bathing.

2.    Koh Ouen and Koh Bong Island


Song Saa Beach (Source: Google)

This is one of the best beach destinations in Cambodia which is even better than the Maldives. Koh Ouen and Koh Bong are two islands of the Koh Rong Archipelago. And they can give you the most fantastic vacation in your life.

Among all the beaches there, Song Saa is the most recommended one. In the Khmer language, “Song Saa” means “to fall in love.” Therefore, it is an ideal spot for couples and newlyweds to enjoy their sweet holidays. Although the beach has been exploited for tourism for years, it seems that the natural landscapes are barely touched.

This is why tourists visiting the place always feel relaxed and separated from their busy lives. The resorts on the beach will provide them with everything that they need. There are 27 luxurious villas with typical Cambodian designs. Travelers can rent one located on the sea-surface or near the beach. It takes about 800 dollars per night.

3.    Ream National Park


Koh Thmei Beach (Source: Google)

You can find some of the best beach destinations in Cambodia while visiting Ream National Park. The Koh Thmei Beach is the most excellent one. It is quiet and unpopulated. Also, there is only one resort which offers bungalows on the beach.

Despite the limitation of tourist sites, Koh Thmei Beach is still captivating to single travelers and small groups of visitors. The ground is that the leisure activities there are relatively large in number. You can spend your time kayaking, swimming with dolphins, or scuba-diving to contemplate the coral reefs with your friends.

The seashore having thousands of sparkling seashells is another charming feature of the beach. Watching the sunrise while walking on the shore will make you feel extremely excited. You can pick up the shells and bring them home if you like. They will become some fantastic things to remind you of the wonderful trip.

4.    Koh Rong Samloem Island


Lazy Beach (Source: Google)

Lazy Beach on Koh Rong Samloem Island is well-known by travelers around the world. It has even been voted to be one of the most gorgeous beaches in the planet by the National Geographic Magazine.

Anyone who visits it can lie on the shore and enjoy the sound of the ocean waves all day. The sand there has a Colgate-white color and the sea-water is crystal clear. The seabed is quite shallow so it is completely safe in case you travel with your children.

You should feel free to use the rows of stone chairs, swings, tree houses, and hammocks on the beach. Furthermore, you can even come into any outdoor bar, find a seat, and take a rest without ordering anything. If you want to have a little romance, sipping a glass of cocktail and watching the sunset on the horizon will be extraordinary.

5.    Koh Rong Island


Koh Rong Island (Source: Google)

As the second largest and also most famous island, Koh Rong is definitely one of the best beach destinations in Cambodia for you. There are various beaches that you can spend time there, such as the Southwestern and the Long Set.

Some activities that you can join in while staying on the island are fishing, scuba-diving, sea-bathing, and watching the fireflies of the ocean. A boat will take you to the darkest place around the island. You will see a great number of spots of light on the water, which is quite exciting.

Going sea-bathing in the early morning is also interesting. The emerald sea-water there is a pride of the citizens in Cambodia in general and on the island in particular. This is why the island was one of the 45 worth-paying-a-visit places voted by the New York Time. The magnificent landscapes and peacefulness were some other reasons that helped Koh Rong get the title “the Hawaii of Asia.”

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